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Mid century furniture designers – If you have a tendency to confuse the lines in your choice of style of decor, as are torn between modern technology and vibration vintage past, why not embrace the best of both worlds with a modern mid-century? Style mid-century was the latest technology in materials and design in its heyday during the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s and the similarities with modern design surprising actions, here in the 21st century.

Posted on December 14, 2017 House Ideas

The modern furniture mid century furniture designers is one that stands out for its curvilinear forms and polychrome colors. Also they highlighted by the undulating development where the natural tone of the wood stands. The lines of the furniture and chairs are free and light. This furniture is adapted to the contours of the human form, usually wide and comfortable. These designs are very stylish and attractive; they create a “look” artistic home.

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The mid century furniture designers Benjamin Churner gave life to the Churner Armchair Lounge, this being a perfect example of period furniture. It is made of wood and is rich in organic forms, making it very comfortable for using it. This chair is perfect for the eclectic or contemporary decor. Without a doubt, it will be a conversation piece in place that place.

The Panton Chair, Varner Panton design by, is another interesting example that can be applied to modern home decor. However, this chair is not wood but plastic. Its sinuous lines make it very characteristic, because this cabinet is a single piece, i.e., no added elements. Note that this is also convenient as it is wide and its contour is light. Its vibrant color makes anywhere highlight is located.

Clearly the furniture is a very important home and style element, however, there are also many other objects that are also significant for the image of the house. The industrial designer Russell Wright was commissioned to design a collection focused on dishes and kitchen utensils. The design is organic and has a variety of very colorful for the taste of each individual tone.

It is true that these are mid century furniture designers, however, they do not go out of fashion. We can use them in any home and are also easy to get. The website DWELL gives us access to these beautiful designs. It is worth mentioning that we can also find many designs and styles here. We do not have to go to the past to bring home that we have, for the past has been responsible for keeping this.

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