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Dojo flooring – modern floor coverings, such laminates, parquet, carpet, linoleum, and many others that are not load-bearing materials, which serve only to a perfectly flat surface. In the houses of the old buildings, which have wooden floors wooden, almost always they require alignment. To achieve this, there are several ways, one of which is alignment with hardwood dojo plywood. This option does not require a lot of work associated with the opening of the old plants, replacing the delay and the rickety tables. Right at the top of the old plant is a new box, which laid plywood sheets of suitable thickness. At the same time they manage to slightly raise the floor, keeping the maximum height of the room.

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In practice, very often it used leveling technology more affordable wood floor that is laying thin gap within walking distance of each other under the planarization layer plywood dojo flooring. Make strips of plywood GAL, use of sheets of different thicknesses. These are the main stages of this process. The bathroom floor gets wet. This usually means that the base and the subfloor will also be wet. The apartment also has to bear the weight of the tub, shower, tiles and other accessories. The tiles are particularly heavy with layers of cement backer board, mortar, tile or stone and grout. Use the correct type of plywood ensure a durable floor.

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Home Dojo FlooringSize: 1500 x 967

Traditional Dojo FlooringSize: 2560 x 1920

Japanese Dojo FlooringSize: 3471 x 2311

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Plywood dojo flooring tongue and groove is made specifically for subflooring. Underlayment rests directly on the floor joists and is the lowest layer of soil material. Plywood 3/4 inch (1.90 cm) thick is the most common and stronger. The 5/8 inch (1.58 cm) thick is also available, but restricts use space joists and floor termination rates. The material plywood underlayment tongue and groove interval is classified for use on floors, and provides the necessary support for heavy soils bathrooms and bathtubs full of water.

The second layer of soil is the basis. Plywood dojo flooring paneling adds strength to a ground, raised or provides a gripping surface for a finished floor. The plywood used for coating is from 1/8 inch (0.31 cm) to 1/2 inch (1.27 cm), depending upon the requirement or need. Most manufacturers require a flat ceramic tiles of at least one inch (2.54 cm) thick or not ensure the installation. The deviation in an apartment less than one inch (2.54 cm) thick makes the tile cracks or loose mortar. The bathrooms require some type of coating in most installations.

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