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Caledonia granite tile countertops – Installing New Caledonia granite tile countertops give your beautiful granite coating without the high cost for individual granite. Furthermore, using plates allow you to install the bench itself, saving the cost of a professional contractor. While placing the tiles is a simple process, can mount the plates with an under mount sink complicate installation. With careful planning, but you can make room for the sink, smooth the installation process sufficiently enough to result in a professional countertop you can enjoy for years.

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Install a New Caledonia granite, measure the length and width of the cabinet base for bench installation with a tape measure. Use a ruler to transfer the measurements to a 1/2-inch plywood with a piece of chalk to mark the cut lines on the plywood surface. Cut the plywood along the marked lines with a skill saw, and then secure the wood to the cabinet base with wood screws, countersunk below the surface of the board. Mark the cabinet measurements with chalk on a piece of backer board, then cut the board with a skill saw along the marked lines. Install the backer board on the plywood using thinnest mortar as a binder, spread out on the plywood with a trowel.

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Place the template for under mount sink over the backer board mounted in the desired position. Leave space behind the sink location for placement of cranes. Trace the template position on the countertop with the pen, and remove the template. Drill four holes through the countertop inside the four corners of the template.  Place the New Caledonia granite tile countertop, lined you want to place them. Use tile spacers between the tiles to create space for the grout between the tiles.

Cover the backer board with a layer of thinnest mortar with the trowel. Tilt the trowel on the edge, at about a 45-degree angle, and go over the mortar with grooves to create ridges in the mortar for better adherence to the plates. Remove the spacers from between the tiles and spread grout over the tiles in the joints with the grout float.

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Cover the sides of countertop with small New Caledonia granite skirt pieces, ranging from the top of the counter to the base of the plywood layer. Use thinnest to set skirt tiles in place, and then tape them in place with masking tape to attach them to the mortar begins to set. Allow the mortar to set overnight, and then grout joints between the skirts pieces using the same process used with the full ring on top of the counter.

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