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Upholstered storage bench  – saves home space by serving two functions as seating and storage, and it can be used in any room in your home. Conventional built-in bench storage devices often offer only one large bin under the seat. But you can create a storage area or even a whole layout and storage more organized set by adding a few extra to your bench unit.

Posted on January 16, 2018 Home Furniture

Make your dining set more useful by building a restaurant-style cabin that doubles as storage for dishes, linens and other items you do not have space to keep your counters. Construct your kitchen upholstered storage bench with arms in the conventional bin style with seats that double as lift-up lid, but add functionality with nesting bins inside the bench. To do this, place a wooden strip on the front and back of the walls inside the bin, about 5 inches above the bottom. Build a wooden box, or buy a bed tray that rests on these wood strips, creating a removable shelf that holds frequently used items handy while less-used items are stored safely – but still accessible – underneath.

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Turn a wall of a reading area by building shelves that line the entire wall, except above and below a large window or a 6×6 foot area if no window is available. Under window build a bench about 18 inches deep and 6 meters long. Pad bench with cushions and support the front of the bench with 6 inches deep bookshelves while the back of the bench as a lift-top bin saving throw blankets, extra pillows or private journals. For the rest of the wall shelves hold the column closest to the reading upholstered storage bench about 15 inches deep for a 2- to 3-foot width on either side; resign next shelf column to the 12-meter deep for 2 to 3 meters and depress the last column of shelves, if you have room for one more, to 9-meter deep. Install reading lights either in the shelf walls or the ceiling of the reading area, and adding a curtain that can be pulled to turn the reading area from the rest of the room.

Whether you want an extra built-in bench for your bedroom, window seat or entryway, use the architecture of your home to dictate bench position and shape. For example, building a long upholstered storage bench along a bedroom wall, as long as the distance between the long wall and cabinet or another door skin from the adjacent wall. Use cabinet doors instead of the lift-top locations for easy access, or install drawers on metal gliders, often available in the kitchen part of home improvement stores, to give you easy access and organization. Fill your bench surfaces with large throw pillows or Body.

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