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Bear skin rug – With carpets can increase the warmth of home, because they demarcate an environment and is responsible for giving color and comfort. Through a carpet we can add to the house a touch of personality and distinction, but it is important to know that there are some basic rules regarding the choice and placement of them.

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Just as with curtains, you have to know what the function to be fulfilled is. It may be to define an environment, such as separating the living room from the dining area. Depending on the function selected will be the size for it. The polar bear skin rug is generating spaces. If you place two rugs of the same size in a given space, it looks as divided into two. Upholstery and walls must not have a very elaborate design. The carpet must be discreet. When the walls and upholstery have muted tones, the carpet should prevail, as this will make the room more interesting.

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When you hire two runs in the same environment, they can be of different patterns, but that the colors match each other. Note that the color of skin rug significant influence on our perception of space, because the dark tones diminish the environment and the clear tones larger. When floors are neutral or smooth like porcelain or wood with little vein, we combine oriental carpets, while very elaborate story, as the patterned ceramics and bricks, it is recommended that the carpet is smooth. You should know that, regarding where to place the carpet and size that must have been the typical old fashioned carpet was placed under the dining table or coffee table center.

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Currently, when a bear skin rug is placed, you are looking to display their beauty, to take prominence in space and attention-grabbing. This is due to the multitude of designs on the market, they deserve to be seen and stand out from other decorative elements. For this very reason, feel free to show when or by how big it is, and if you want to put in the center of the room, put it. And if you want to put in your bedroom with no furniture cover it, go ahead When we intend to decorate a room, whether a nursery, one guest or living room, there are some things we should always keep in mind, being the harmony between carpets and curtains something that should become paramount.

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