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Faux Fireplace Mantel  – In winter, if you have a fireplace in living room in any other room in your home , surely you spend much time next to it to ‘take advantage’ that gives off heat. If this is so, decoration of ledge of this element is almost as important as rest of space. Choose how to decorate fireplace. This is ideal for putting some adornments, because if you do not put anything, not just stove will seem boring, but also lose some of its original charm.

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When wood fireplace salvage yards or one that is already in your home page is damaged or has been painted and repainted, give faux fireplace mantel & surround color and choose a fireplace painted his own. Whatever you decide, choice of color will influence choices for furniture and walls surrounding fireplace. A white tablecloth against a white wall is a clean and impressive looks and particularly elaborate costumes, curlicue and carved fireplace.

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Faux Fireplace MantelSize: 500 x 752

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Natural shades of light impinging on piece highlights its design and nothing to faux fireplace mantel kits becomes a work of art on a pedestal. Paint tablecloth with exact same as wall paint is an option. Tinting a white paint slightly, to pick up color of another focal point in room, keeps elegant and contemporary appearance without it being clear. And adjusting white fireplace with an edge inside hand-painted tiles complements traditional and contemporary decor. For a truly personal touch, paint tiles yourself and fire at a local craft shop or “Print” with fire and handprint of his son. Date footprints for a permanent record of family living in house and a nice reminder of night spent reading aloud to young children before fire.

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Marble faux fireplace mantel is a perfect choice for a paint job chimney because it is so traditional. A marble fireplace and chimney will give your room an air of refinement and richness quiet — though marble is really smart paint, applied with sponges and a pen. Faux marble, paint ledge light color. Then choose a darker color — could have a base of pink, gray or gold to mimic real marble. Mix darker color nail four pieces liquefy and sponge irregularly on base color. Use a real sponge because it is not symmetrical and will work synthetic paint a more natural look. Use a pen (can be purchased at a craft store or hobby supply good painting) submerged in darkest shade of paint wavy lines trail through painting, simulating real marble veins.

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