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Half bathroom decor – The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in our house, it perform many tasks grooming and others. This does not mean that’s not worry about the decoration, in fact, decorating a bathroom small is one of the most important in a house Why? If you have the appropriate decoration you always feel comfortable with it, your stress will disappear and, using appropriate colors and decorations, you will feel sense of pleasure, happiness, comfort and homey feeling.

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Many people cannot afford a large luxurious bathroom or just some people do not like this type baths. Half bathroom decor gives you the ease to decorate quickly and without many details. I want you to always have in mind that if together colors and matching accessories, you need not overload the bathroom ornaments make it look comfortable. Minimalism is the key to decorating a small bathroom “Less is more”. Remember that safety is everything, being a small bathroom are more likely to go to bump into an object so I recommend you put accessories on the floor and in the tub or anti-slip shower, this will allow you to avoid future injury. Place on the walls railings; grab bars or handrails to hold you once you have left the bathroom.

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Now let’s focus on the details, as we have a confined space must maintain the amount of furniture and items that can unnecessarily saturate our half bathroom decor. It is important to conserve storage sites for utensils and hygiene products, without losing sight of the aesthetics of the bathroom. For this we will use furniture placement with several features that allow us, at the same time offers on accessories that beautify the room. You can put details of your liking, such as containers with sand, seashells, gemstones, sculptural candles, and more.

Mainly I want to show some half bathroom decor that might give you models to decorate yours. This style bathroom that will show you then can you form new ideas depending on the size and arrangement of furniture yours.  Usually in small bathrooms are used showers, tubs take up more space; however this does not mean you cannot use it, everything remains to consumer tastes. As already it said it is advisable to use sliding glass doors and showers look beautiful cascading type. Most of the corners and the longest to place your bathtub wall, remember that the partitions or sliding doors to a small bathroom will always be better if they are glass, this allows the bathroom a feeling of more space. I not recommend you put the tub around the middle of the bathroom, being a small bathroom space will make much needed.

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