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Counter height dining set – Counter-height tables are higher than standard-height tables. They can be purchased from a furniture store, ordered from a website or custom made by a cabinetmaker. Both types of tables offering unique advantages that will help you decide what type of table is best for you and your space. Facts counter height dining set, a counter-height table can be any length or width, but measures 34 to 36 inches high. A standard-height table can be any length or width, but measures 28 to 30 inches high. Typical materials for both standard and counter-height tables include wood, metal or plastic. They can be designed with legs, a pedestal base or trestle base. Counter-height tables can also be referred to as bistro or collection tables. These names are not standardized, so it’s best to ask the height of the table to determine if it is a standard or counter-height table.

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Benefits of counter height dining set. Standard-height tables are more common and therefore available in several sizes, designs and finishes than counter height dining set. Because of their popularity, several seating options to coordinate with standard-height tables. Most people find standard height tables more comfortable to sit on, because their feet touch the ground while sitting down. They are also a better account of persons with disabilities, as a counter- height table is too high for a person to use the wheelchair.

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Benefits of counter height dining set, Counter-height tables, but less common, is very useful and appropriate for certain situations. They are often a good solution for a kitchen as they offer extra preparation space and allow those sitting at this height to easily talk to those who are in the kitchen. Counter height dining set are also useful when it is desirable to look over a wall or fence, such as a patio with views. They can be an excellent option for small spaces, as their extra height gives the illusion of taking up less space than a lower, standard-height table. Finally, because they are considered less formal, they create a more relaxed, casual feel of a room.

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Considerations counter height dining set, it is recommended to buy a chair, stool or bench measures 10 to 12 inches less than the height of your table, whether it is standard or counter height. If you do not purchase a table that comes with chairs or stools, it is best to test your seating choices with your board to make sure the height is comfortable for you. While an inch or two does not seem like a large increase, it can make a big difference in the comfort of you or your guests.