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Heated driveways – Concrete driveways heated to melt snow and ice make shoveling a distant memory. A driveway heated does not require the use of salt and ice melting chemicals to keep the clear and secure driveway. These chemicals damage the surface of the concrete driveway, damage plants and can be dangerous for pets. Concrete driveways heated add the value of your property. Some insurance companies reduce the cost of home insurance policies because it decreases the risk of slips and falls on the ice.

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The heat source for heated driveways comes from both the electrical or water pipes embedded in the concrete driveway cables. Electric heating is the most widely used is usually easier to install. Hot water heating systems require the added expense of pumps and water heaters. The pump and hot water heater are located near the driveway and take a small storage building to protect the equipment. Electrical heating systems tend to be more efficient and cost less than hot water systems. Electrical systems of heat faster and require little maintenance. The cost of operating a hot water system is generally less of electrical installations, but a hot water system requires regular maintenance.

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According to the University of Colorado, studies for the use of solar heated water to throw heated driveways show vitality in some areas of the country. The installation of both types of heat source will require an electrician to make the electrical connections for the house. Electrical heating systems may require additional circuitry to provide adequate power to the heating cables. Automatic sensors detect precipitation and turn on the heater if the temperature is below 38 degrees Fahrenheit. Sensors to add a heating system expenses. Manual controls provide control of the heating system to the homeowner. After the walk site is sized for adequate drainage, a rock substrate layer is installed and leveled. Volcanic rock or gravel gives a good base to install the electrical wiring pipe or hot water.

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Re-bar or the wire mesh is placed on the substrate to give the strength of the heated driveways and provide a surface to ensure the heating cables or ducts with clamps. The electric cables cannot touch or cross, and overheating will cause a system error. According to the University of Missouri, the spacing of the heating cable is determined by the size and the power cable used. See installation instructions for your system for proper spacing. The flexibility of the water pipe or electrical wiring allows complying with unusual designs driveway.

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