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Coffee table ottoman – In our article today we have very original images with ideas for table round or square ottoman for living modern. The Ottoman is not only a decorative element design for the living room but also a very practical accessory useful and comfortable. We today we show ideas for Ottomans used as coffee tables in the lounge. There are pieces that define the style of the living room and set the tone for the rest of the house, like the sofa and elegant coffee table.

Posted on December 10, 2017 Living Room Furniture

A tufted coffee table ottoman is an example of Eco-friendly decor. All you need to complete this project are fabric, foam padding, wadding, spray glue and a staple gun. If the filling has to be cut, an electric knife makes easy work. Select a fabric that coordinates with your home not only durable it also as upholstery fabric, vinyl or leather. The ottoman can take more abuse from his table, and select the fabric that does not wear out easily is in your best interest. You can find upholstery fabrics and specialty stores padded fabric and batting, glue and staple gun spray in your local discount store.

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Coffee Table OttomanSize: 1280 x 853

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The size of your modern coffee table ottoman will determine the size of your ottoman, but you can change the design. If your table has a glass top, replace it with wood. Glass is not a good basis for the seat. If you want to block the entire coffee table instead of just the top, you may need to add keys to fill the openings around the perimeter of the table. Cut sections of wooden planks fit between the top shelf of the table and the bottom shelf and place each foot or around the table.


Once your coffee table is ready, it’s time to add padding and fabric. Cut the foam to fit the top of your table and then a section of fabric and wadding is cut to cover the foam and table. If you plan to cover the sides of the table, cut batting enough to wrap around once and enough fabric to cover from the top down. Wood adhesive around the sides of the table and wrap the batting, if necessary spray. Lay the fabric face down on a flat surface. Place the batting at the top on the web. Adhesive on top of the foam padding spray and turn it upside down in the middle batting.

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