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Fireplace damper – A fireplace damper serves a critical role in your home energy efficiency because it keeps the hot air from the fireplace inside, so you do not waste hundreds of dollars in lost energy that escapes through the chimney. The fireplace damper closes access to the outdoor air. Several fire dampers are available, including translucent versions. However, fire dampers cause some unforeseen problems that you should be aware of before you install it in your fireplace system.

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Fireplace dampers are generally near the bottom of the chimney. A fireplace damper functions as an air vent. It is closed when the fireplace is not in use so that the hot air in the room does not escape through the chimney. It left open when the fire is smoldering so the air can vent through the chimney. Fireplace damper to open 90 percent of the size of the flue. See-through fireplace damper lets you clearly see when an obstacle blocks the flow of air through the chimney. However, they have several drawbacks, including their ability to easily open and close their appearance and their tendency to stretch.

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Some see through fireplace dampers work on a track. This track can be easily damaged, fall off the track or break, making it a transparent fireplace damper unusable. Soot or other debris can also pile up near the handle, making the damper impossible to open. Clean the damper area with a soot brush if this happens. See-through fireplace damper is generally constructed of a clear plastic material. If a fire in your fireplace becomes too hot, this can lead to warping in your transparent fireplace damper. This bias can prevent the damper closed tightly and can also because gaps formed in the damper that allows the air to escape and make your home less energy efficient.

Fireplace dampers should be installed at least 8 inches above the fireplace opening. Depending on the size of your fireplace damper, it may be visible from some places in your room. The distinct aspect of the damper can create a look that is visually appealing. The soot and chimney debris can accumulate on the transparent chimney damper, changing the distinct character damper to an unappealing brown or black color. In addition, the damper can be more noticeable than a damper that is the same color as the fireplace or surround.

Fireplace dampers may leak because of the installation or general construction. The fire damper which leaks can let in fresh air during the cold months, in a similar way as a fireplace without the damper. Install weathers around the damper to seal the valve and prevent unnecessary air leakage.

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