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Shoe bench storage – The shoe storage solutions for a family entry would make children take off their shoes near their rooms and when their rooms are on the second floor, and then have to remove them from above. This may clear the pile of shoes but brings another problem, dirt from outside goes all the way to the second floor. This would mean more cleaning. Storage is also changed so that it might be easier to achieve. Thus, they have no more reasons for not cleaning your shoes.

Posted on September 15, 2017 Home Furniture

Footwear is the component of our wardrobe that often give us more problems when shoe storage bench with seat. It is essential to have the appropriate organizational means that the shoes do not end up drawn anywhere. There are many solutions, shoemaker’s different types of furniture that can accommodate our needs but we can solve this problem using a simple box of fruit. With an old wooden box we can create this small bank to store daily footwear. Placed in the hall or bedroom will make our footwear is organized and always at hand.

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After getting our old box of fruit or the like we have to clean it thoroughly and abrade the surface as best we can. If the wood is very simply we will use a coarse grit paper first and then have smooth with fine grit sandpaper. Paint the shoe bench storage in an airy and protecting contour with waste paper or a plastic sheet. We will use colored paint or clear varnish if we want to preserve the characteristics of the wood. Then, once the paint is dry, place the foam on the hardboard and we coat with fabric that we have chosen. We turned a few centimeters the edge of the fabric and staples placed.

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We start at one end and we will staple the fabric while the we tighten. We look padding panel to a side of the case with glue or assembly screws, as we prefer. The other wood panel will paint the same color as the drawer and place it like a rack in the center of the drawer. What we will hold it with small brackets or brackets talked. Finally we can add four wheels if we want the drawer can easily move. If we are going to use as a shoe bench storage to sit to wear our shoes might not be too good idea putting on wheels.

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