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Stamped concrete vs pavers – When choosing between bricks and concrete for your driveway, your priorities are important. If your main concern is original price, poured concrete can be the best choice. If your main concern is a little lifetime maintenance, brick seem like the way to go. Concrete pavers like a viable middle-of-the-road option. While cost almost the same as brick, interlocking concrete pavers do not have the same problems as poured and stamped concrete vs pavers. A natural joint between the tiles allows for adjustments under pressure and movement caused by weather. Concrete slabs are installed on a layer of sand, and are strong and uniform in size and color. Concrete pavers come in many colors, shapes and surface structures. The finished look is only limited by your imagination. Concrete slabs is not as strong as brick and will crack easily.

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Stamped concrete vs pavers is used to make concrete look similar cobblestones. Add the dye, before the concrete is poured. Patterns are stamped into the concrete after it is poured and prior to curing. Concrete stamping is originally cost effective at £ 4 to £ 7 per square foot from 2010, but comes with higher maintenance costs in the long run. Stamped concrete has the same difficulties as cast concrete – cracks and matching colors for repair. Stamped concrete requires regular reclosing and is almost impossible to match the color of repairs.

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The cheapest driveway material poured concrete on £ 2 to £ 3 per square foot in 2010. Concrete is prone to cracks, which tend to be expensive and ugly. Cracks caused by heavy loads, ground movement and weather. It is almost impossible to match the color of the stamped concrete vs pavers by repairing cracks that appear year after year. Cast concrete products 30 years or more, but is susceptible to costly repairs.

Brick pavers are made of clay, varying from red to orange and gray. Bricks are available as rectangles or squares and have a variety of textures. Brick tile is stronger than concrete, requires little maintenance, add a style that is unmatched by any other medium, and last for hundreds of years. Some of stamped concrete vs pavers negatives include a high initial cost of £ 11 to £ 13 or more per square foot in 2010; and the fact that the stones do not interlock, which allows weeds growing between them, unless the injected. On the other hand, would grouting increase maintenance costs because you will have to re-grout.

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