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Doorbell chimes – are an invention since the late nineteenth century certainly has changed our life. Many times we do not pay attention to this small complement of our home, not realizing that can help us change the front of our house. In this article we talked a little more about it. Read more to learn more!

Posted on October 23, 2017 House Ideas

The doorbell chimes was invented by Thomas Alva Edison in 1855. It is said that in his enormous workshop full of noise was not listening when someone came to the door, so he established an electric bell. From then until now has evolved greatly over the use and form of the timbres we know, certainly we should consider various elements to be displayed according to our decor, tastes, styles and needs. In this article we present the most representative elements to make ringers functional and decorative accessory.

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Doorbell Chimes CoverSize: 1500 x 1127

Doorbell Chime BoxSize: 1500 x 1125

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The first thing to consider is what we need. If you reside in a fairly unsafe or prefer to have control over our visits we can incorporate video doorbell chimes that we acquire. There we may be better identification by voice and audio is sufficient. Or we can feel very safe and just get traditional timbres. Then we moved to the shape of sound of our doorbell. There are some sound and most commonly-those inside the home and is not known abroad that has sounded. The downside of this is that the visitor can press numerous times not knowing if they are listening. Another way sound is when the bells ring out and in equally common sound propagation distance is between 75 and 100 meters.

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The type of connection is important. It can be a change of timbres for oneself, but the degree of complexity varies depending on your connection. The type “thread” requires electrical connections and cables, while the “wireless” has a radio transmitter inside the button down which is activated under pressure. Another very important point is the style of your home. If it is too modern we can give a different touch with timbres as presented below. These models are Asian designer Li Kianye where the Enter key sounds like an alert window Windows and piano keys sound of my to do on a scale. Of course, if the style vintage is the predominant can change the timbres by doorbell chimes, which sound outside and inside the house (and perhaps several houses around too).

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