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Perfect, The Bear Skin Rug Is Fashionable

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Bear skin rug – With carpets can increase the warmth of home, because they demarcate an environment and is responsible for giving color and comfort. Through a carpet we can add to the house a touch of personality and distinction, but it is important to know that there are some basic rules regarding the choice and placement of them.

Just as with curtains, you have to know what the function to be fulfilled is. It may be to define an environment, such as separating the living room from the dining area. Depending on the function selected will be the size for it. The polar bear skin rug is generating spaces. If you place two rugs of the same size in a given space, it looks as divided into two. Upholstery and walls must not have a very elaborate design. The carpet must be discreet. When the walls and upholstery have muted tones, the carpet should prevail, as this will make the room more interesting.

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When you hire two runs in the same environment, they can be of different patterns, but that the colors match each other. Note that the color of skin rug significant influence on our perception of space, because the dark tones diminish the environment and the clear tones larger. When floors are neutral or smooth like porcelain or wood with little vein, we combine oriental carpets, while very elaborate story, as the patterned ceramics and bricks, it is recommended that the carpet is smooth. You should know that, regarding where to place the carpet and size that must have been the typical old fashioned carpet was placed under the dining table or coffee table center.

Currently, when a bear skin rug is placed, you are looking to display their beauty, to take prominence in space and attention-grabbing. This is due to the multitude of designs on the market, they deserve to be seen and stand out from other decorative elements. For this very reason, feel free to show when or by how big it is, and if you want to put in the center of the room, put it. And if you want to put in your bedroom with no furniture cover it, go ahead When we intend to decorate a room, whether a nursery, one guest or living room, there are some things we should always keep in mind, being the harmony between carpets and curtains something that should become paramount.

How To Make A Faux Fur Rug

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Faux fur rug – There is nothing wrong if you want to learn to make crafts. Making craft it could save some money so that we can set aside a portion for savings. Today we will try to make crafts carpet of fake fur. Why has this material? Because this material comes from a soft synthetic material. These rugs can be used in the bedroom as a place to relax than on the bed. These rugs can also be used as a gift to family or friends.

Fake carpets have more than one color. In our opinion the grey faux fur rug is the best color. Grey color indicated sensation makes us as if it were in peace and security. However, it all depends on individual taste. Any color as long as it in accordance with your room decor and colors, can add to the beauty and comfort of home owners. Grey color also gives the symbol of peace of mind; intelligence and simplicity so that it can be used for relaxation, calm the mind and stimulates creativity. However, it all depends on individual taste. Any color as long as it in accordance with your room decor and colors, can add to the beauty and comfort of home owners. Grey color also gives a symbol of fertility, crop, balance and youthful so that it can be used for relaxation, calm the mind and stimulates creativity.

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Faux Fur RugSize: 1400 x 2000

Faux Fur Rug With SofaSize: 1500 x 998

And now how to make a faux fur rug? some materials that are supposed to provide is synthetic skin the size you want the carpet, heavy cotton fabric the same size, glue, double bias tape, scissors.   Make this carpet does not take long. The key to all this is patience in order to get maximum results. Please read step by step to create the false carpet, be sure to understand and follow the instructions correctly and well.
To make faux fur rug we will begins cutting fabrics size you want to do the carpet, be sure that they are the corners with 90 degree angles.

Short cotton fabric the same size as the fabric of synthetic leather and with corners in 90th too. Placed glue on the back of cotton fabric and paste it to synthetic leather fabric, working small parts and carefully so that it is neat. Let the glue to dry and turn sewn synthetic leather and cotton fabric so that all edges are covered bias tape. Finally, we finished making a carpet of synthetic leather.

Black And White Rug Is A Classic Look

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Black and white rug -give the room wonderfully thick, tensile authentic graphics. They created a classic elegance that is always fresh. When designing a room, we often use contrast to add dimension and drama to the decor. To include black and white lines, or buffalo plaid, or a traditional French toile can often provide a structure for all the other colors, patterns, and textures in the room.

To introduce a contrasting color to the extreme in a room tends to give punctuation to the room, and add a modest, like pepper on a baked potato. It can be a pattern or a solid block of color. A carpet is also there black and white rug are usually taken from animal skin patterns, such as zebra or tiger, or it can be a line, a checkerboard pattern, see tweedy (Berber), toile, or a linear image that actually woven. It can be calligraphy, such as hand writing. How interesting and bizarre is that! There are so many interpretations of this theme, they’re all interesting and decorative, and they are all different.

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Black and white striped area rug is very flexible and can be used in a wide variety of settings. Contemporary interiors often combine black and white carpet and other furniture with brightly colored lacquered furniture, refined metals, patent leather, woven textures and ceramics. Traditional casual settings, such as the use of state of France black and white pattern often enough to keep pace with other patterns and colors.We liked the look black and white rug because it tends to organize and structure the space. That’s why designers often go for a zebra pattern that is always chic and never go out of style. I am an animal lover, so I will never use the actual skin, but co-printed or woven fine and very decorative.

If the preferences you want black and white area rug, but be careful that your room does not come from “cool looking”. I’ll warm it up a bit by introducing a color, even if it is neutral, such as warm gray or beige. This can be a wonderful way to go, and very sophisticated. I would suggest not going with optical white on the walls and wood or even fabric, but instead chose more vivid white, such as ivory or linen. black and white striped area rug is one of the contemporary setting. Also great in a retro setting that looks very ’50’s mod.

Wonderful And Dramatic Teal Area Rug

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Teal area rug – decor teal blue accents is perfect way to add a touch of drama to your room. A mixture of blue and green, bluish green evokes natural elements of sea and sky and creates a strong feeling, but calming decor. You can add teal blue accents easily with details such as cushions, artwork and other decorative accessories. Teal liven up a room decorated in neutral shades of brown or gray colors or complement other cold like green, blue and purple.

8 x 10 teal area rug can provide a striking accent on your floor, giving life to whole room. Artworks frame with wooden frames plastic or painted in teal. Seascapes, landscapes and birds are subjects particularly well suited to a bluish green frame. Images that have touches of teal and other blue shades will look better. Curtains in teal, or in a neutral color with bluish green trim or patterns, are another way to bring color to your walls and windows.

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Area rug floor is look dramatic. If that’s too much of this vibrant color, look for a rug that has a pattern containing blue-green in smaller amounts mixed with neutral brown, cream or gray. An oriental carpet goes well with traditional decor, wooden braided rug is at home with a rustic style and a carpet with abstract or geometric designs will complement modern decor scheme. You can also carry an accent color with large cushions on floor in slammer. These are perfect for extra seating or lounging while watching TV.

A sofa in a neutral color will transform any plain dressed up with a shot of bluish green. Look teal cushions in textured fabrics like velvet, satin, a furry plush or material or wool fabric. Details like sequins, embroidery or braided trim and tassels add to look, or use pillows in neutral colors with a blue-green trim. Mix a vibrant blue-green blanket throw on back of couch to snuggle on cold nights. Teal area rug lends itself to many decorative accents around your room. Lamps with a bluish-green base or screen all eyes bring to table screen. Look for plants in pots a solid or teal print. Candles in blue-green add romantic glow when lit at night. Collectibles such as vases, statues, decorative plates or bowls can add touches of bright color. A collection of ceramic birds or carved wood is a good way to add small shots of bluish green. Look for a figure of teal, duck so that color is called.

How To Select Faux Cowhide Rug For Your Living Space

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Faux cowhide rug – Maybe this time you’re looking for interesting ideas are ideal for application in modern home decoration, know a lot of benefits faux cowhide rug or other animals that are equally good. Carpet flooring made from cow skin probably is not material, are found for home decoration, but offers a unique individuality that ultimately make the decor more alive.

The luxury of faux cowhide rug are when you’re looking for something fancy to make a modern but unique home decor, faux cowhide fabric may not be one of a list of such products. And this is not like the price of fur rugs are cheaper, but it is a material that is easy to ignore. In the eyes of the common carpet fuzz may already have a special place in the house as a luxury element to add to the beauty and individuality in the home, as well as the beauty of the type of skin rug.

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Natural Faux Cowhide RugSize: 2014 x 1510

Large Faux Cowhide RugSize: 600 x 600

58 Inch Faux Cowhide RugSize: 1400 x 2000

The real difference, faux cowhide rug is also a high-quality natural ingredients and their uniqueness. Besides the leather will give a rustic charm that is modern to luxurious home decor. Because what you do is combine the luxury of animal skins in home interior design. Their unique combination can create a unique style for a decoration.

Through owned texture, carpet on the floor faux cowhide rug is a material that has the strength of a natural attraction, coloring and presenting a unique view on the whole. Moreover this type of carpet is also available in solid colors. But for the price, may indeed much of the price floor carpet fuzz are widely available.

Another great benefit of the use of carpet flooring, in addition to giving the impression of luxury faux cowhide rug, which naturally is certainly also more durable. In addition to not have to worry about leaving footprints or other signs wear it, because it is not cheap carpet. How to choose a carpet floor, they must be versatile in terms of style, also has a modern decorative scheme. If you are currently looking for a cheap carpet, rugs or carpets meter office for a nice decoration, it is not wrong to choose items that are luxurious and natural.

The variety of colors and patterns of faux cowhide rug are available to add warmth, texture and a sense of fun to any dining room. Dark colors with simple wood trim can provide a more masculine appearance, but the pattern of zebra and accessories ornately can lighten the mood of the room, making it more feminine.