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Most Popular For Living Room Paint Colors

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Living room paint colors – The easiest thing to change in any room that gives you the most bang for your decorating buck is paint. With 7 million colors perceptible to the human eye, but can choose the right color, shade and hue to your living seem daunting. But if you stick to the most popular colors for living rooms, you can not go wrong.

Cool colors tend to make people feel calm and relaxed. Living room paint colors a cool color invite your family and your guests to sit and stay a while. Putting his feet up and grab a book or work on some needlework. To slow down, sit and enjoy a cup of tea and a conversation with a good friend or family member. The most popular cool color to paint a living room is sage green. Sage’s dusty appearance, especially when painting in a low gloss, is warm and welcoming. Choose true sages who are missing a lot of gray, for extra warmth. For a more modern look, choose a sage green heavy on gray. Throw in a dash of red, green ‘s free shade on the color wheel, for a punch of drama or added heat. Choose a soft red like watermelon or deep red geranium in a diffuse, mixed look, or a brilliant, clear, Christmas red for drama. Ceilings in sage-green rooms invite using a lightly tinted white paint. Just add a small amount of bright red to a “Is the ceiling white or colored?” Look. This maintains the soft, dusty look while providing extra warmth in your living room.

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Warm colors bring warmth, energy and vitality to a room. Living room paint colors a warm color to bring it to life, invites lively conversation, nights playing games with friends and family, television and film. Red in all its forms is a popular warm color to a room. Deep, rich red speaks of elegance, while turning the heat up without touching a thermostat. Red run the gamut from browned red such as flannel long Johns to deep burgundies, from dusty watermelon shades shades reminiscent of wines. Every nuance evokes different emotions and feelings. Bring paint color samples home to narrow the search, buy sample jars of paint, to ensure that you get the shade selection to the right.

If your room will not support all red, paint an accent wall a shade of red to highlight your fireplace for an extra punch of drama and warmth to living room paint colors. When painting a room red, consider painting your ceiling is a not-quite white, tinted with just the smallest amount of pink or coral, depending on the red you use. The white appears white with only a bare hint of color visible when shadows interaction. Yellow is another popular warm color. Choose a clear, soft yellow that almost acts as a neutral. Angles and accessories in your room will serve to vary the color tone of the entire room. Avoid yellow, which is the gold or green, as most people tire of these quickly. When painting a living room yellow, stay with bright white ceilings for a fresh, clean look.

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Decorating A Living Room With The Color Green

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Decorating a living room – Natural color palettes contain any color found in nature and the varied accompanying shades. This includes ocean blues and sky blues, sky grays, grassy greens or mossy greens, deep brown wood or light birch and different colors of sand, stones, fauna and flowers. Couples both natural and neutral color palettes with bold, bright colored accents if you are looking to create a decorative punch in your color palette. Soft sage green is a light and soothing background for your living room decor. You can accentuate the room with soft floral furnishings, rich cherry hardwood and black or white accessories for contrast. The green color brings nature into your home, so complement the theme with a decorative stone wall or stone fireplace surround and natural fibers on the floor.

Decorating a living room with the color green, Paint the walls in the living room in a soft sage green. The color green is peaceful and helps to create a relaxing atmosphere in your home. Install a rich cherry hardwood floors in the living room to complement the green walls. Cherry flooring has a reddish hue that will work well with the green hue of the walls. Red is opposite green on the color wheel. Opposite colors complement and contrast each other. Having equal quantities of opposite colors in a room will make every color feel more active.

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Cover the fireplace surround with natural stone or manufactured stone that seems to be natural. If you do not have a fireplace, you can install a manufactured fireplace that burns gas or propane. If you do not want to have a fireplace, but you like the idea of the stone in the room, face a wall of rocks in the same way as you would a fireplace surround. Flank a comfortable white or cream-colored sofa with chairs covered in a small floral print. Large floral prints are also an option, but smaller prints may fit better with the soothing theme of your room.

Throw a bamboo mat on the floor to cover the seats. A bamboo mats are an environmentally friendly option that will add another natural part of the living room decorating a living room space. Add a modern touch to your natural living space with shiny black lacquer accent table. The black will complement the white sofa and giving a beautiful contrast to the green walls, cherry floors and stone accent wall. Select copper or brushed nickel table lamps to further enhance the natural elements in the decorating a living room. Bronze can work, but copper or nickel will add more of a contrast to the green walls.

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