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Braided stair treads – The steps attached form sections that may be unique or followed. There may be landings, flat rest areas that leave the stage after step and after that you can keep the direction and sense of promotion, or change it. The rails are optional, but very practical and safe as ‘close’ the way and they support. They consist of a row of small pillars ending at the top in a handrail. If there are children or elderly at home they are almost essential.

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Types of stairs of a stretch: it can be straight or spiral. The latter is circular and up. Two sections. This type can be straight, that after the landing maintains the sense, or return after the platform takes opposite directions. There is also the age various – angle where the tour takes in the form of ‘L’.  In three sections. It is the braided stair treads that has a ‘U’ with a regular Rectan plant and three sections with an intermediate landing and a long landing on each side. The staircase is called semicircular horseshoe.

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Oval Braided Stair TreadsSize: 2048 x 1536

Braided Rug Stair TreadsSize: 2592 x 1944

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With a stretch and a landing, it will become an imperial, one-way and two sides back or upside down. In large houses or duplex, which have more than one plant, sometimes chosen as connecting the wooden braided stair treads. They are very elegant, provide a spectacular finish and are not too expensive, but the fact is that, over time. They are deteriorating for continued use. Not mean they are worse than stone or anything, but if you need a specific care from time to time, yes, very simple. Once we cast the stair well, the next step is to clean the area. Simply, simply pass a cloth moistened with alcohol to remove the remains of existing dust after sanding.

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Once we have the clean area braided stair treads and if we see that the shoulder is tired, we place a non – slip grip tape, since the poor condition of the step may cause tripping. There are different colors for this type of tape, so we can find a wood tone that barely perceived. When we have the tape in place, we can only give a finish. To do this, we will use a layer of primer to water, following the direction of the wood grain. After the drying time, apply two coats of water -based varnish, especially for floors, sanding between coats.

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