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Wall mounted fireplace – Decorating your home can be fun and a lot of work. You can have a vision of what you want and desire in his final appearance, however, making their home in the vision it can be frustrating. A fireplace is a beautiful addition to the home and is often the focal point of the living room. Once you have decorated the fireplace mantel, you may be confused about what they put above him. Several types of things that can be used to decorate above the fireplace mantel.

Posted on October 21, 2017 Home Furniture

It can also be mounted flat screen television above the fireplace mantel. This wall mounted fireplace and TV is often done as a space saver and cannot have another area to place the television. The flat screen TV should be mounted flush on the wall. Make sure the television proportions match those of the fireplace. For example, the TV should be about the same width of the fireplace, or very close to it. It is strictly forbidden to have electric fireplace wall near the window, because it affects the saturation of images, which means – will lose its effect visual. If you have black, curtains, then it is not a alternative. But this time be sure to keep in mind.

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A large decorative mirror looks beautiful above a wall mounted fireplace bedroom. It is a strong focal point and helps improve the decor that is in the fireplace. The actual mirror itself can only be based on individual preferences; It should be great though. If the mirror is too small, it makes the area look unbalanced. Another idea on the fireplace mantel is a painting. It can be an oil painting that is framed. Alternatively, a cheaper option is to use a copy of a painting. Choose a frame in the rest of the furniture and decor. This impression must be relatively large and cover most of the space above the fireplace mantel.

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Metal art is a piece of unusual conversation which can also be placed on the wall mounted fireplace. It will be a stunning focal point of the room. Hanging art must be relatively large and also work with the decor in the rest of your room. Wall sconces are an elegant addition to your home. Buy a couple of candle sconces that match the decor of your home. Place one on each side of a piece of focal point that has hung over the mantel. Add beautiful scented candles sconces to add a personal touch.

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