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Wall stencils – are a simple and often inexpensive way to add pattern and unique design elements in a room. By securing the stencil on the wall and paint over it, or paint anything other than the stencil, an ordinary wall, a garden designs, colors and become even entire scenes. Available at craft stores and art supply or specific websites, wall stencils is fun for all ages and can transform a room from drab to fabulous fast. There are different types of templates for walls. The most basic is often plates of silicon or plastic with a design cut out. Hold the stencil firmly against the wall, the user is then painted on top of the stencil. When the template is removed, the design remains the wall. A good alternative to the expensive and difficult to fit wallpaper, a wall stencil beautiful patterns can be placed anywhere within the walls of a room in almost any design.

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Create boundaries of walls made easy with the wall using stencils. Limit stencils mainly long strips that combined some designs, such as seahorses and shells or grapes, curling vines and has soft leaves. Wall stencils to apply a precise limit, get a tape measure and level and use masking tape to mark the top and bottom of the design. Once sure the line is straight, just stick the stencil on the wall and paint the desired color. Repeat the pattern along the taped area for a beautiful boundary without bothering wallpaper.

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Wall stencils can be a fun and inexpensive way to decorate children’s rooms. With the help of a stencil cut with the alphabet, spell the child’s name in bright letters above his bed. For aspiring astronauts, take a ladder and some heavenly stencils and make an entire night sky on the ceiling. For added fun, use glow in the dark paint to create a room worthy spaceship. Advanced craftsmen can enjoy painting murals with stencils. Many online companies offer sets of templates to build an entire scene on a wall, floor or ceiling. For those without a garden, a beautiful view on a wall with flowers, trees and garden path stencils. If the house contains a prince or princess, transform a bedroom into an enchanted forest, a towering castle, or even the hollow of a deadly dragon.

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Using wall stencils can be a good option for people who want to paint, but do not trust their artistic skills to put up actually designing a wall. Know the basic painting techniques, like using darker shades of color or a lighter color for highlights, can help to make the final design more detailed and beautiful. But even the total beginner can have a blast with some small pots of paint and a pack of stencils, let your imagination run wild and their stencil their guide.