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Cowhide footstool – As the Latin expression “mens sana in corpore sano” says it is important to take care of both our body and our mind. For this reason a healthy diet and exercise regularly have to be our priorities. To play sports are more likely to go running or spend the afternoon locked in the gym, we can do it in the comfort of our home. In here we care about your health so we offer all kinds of products for your well – being, from cabins tub to bath salts to enjoy relaxing essences in the bath.

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In addition, we are also concerned that in you have worked all kinds of amenities such as ergonomic chairs and ottomans. The main place where we can find a cowhide footstool is in the office, both outside and inside our house in a room fitted out as study or office. The use of these products is purely functional, as we help to rest your feet to spend many hours sitting in front of computer. Normally this type of footrest has a small size and its design is not very special, because it is placed under the desk away from prying eyes.

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Cowhide Bar Stool CoversSize: 1500 x 1151

Small Cowhide FootstoolSize: 1500 x 1074

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In addition to ergonomic footrest that we use in the office, we can also find cowhide footstool in different models and styles, which also serve to support the feet and stretch them may soon become an element of the decor of our room. A footrest is a perfect accessory for any room that allows us to take a more comfortable position stretching her legs over her soft surface. Some furniture apart footrests are standing in front of the chair or sofa, while others are included within the structure of the cabinet.

Depending on your tastes and furniture you have chosen for your living room, we recommend three types of footrests in three different styles. Cowhide footstool boho : If you like to travel and collect memories of your travels around the world, a footrest style boho is right for you. You can choose from footrest leather to feel transported to Moroccan bazaars or a colored fabric reminiscent of multicolored Indian spices. Classic footrests: If your living room or office is decorated in classic style you we suggest a footrest with square shape made of leather and simple colors like brown, white or black. If your style is more aristocratic, we recommend footrest wooden ornaments, filigree and prints inspired Baroque, to make you feel at the palace of Versailles.

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