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Gray area rug – Able to make a space soulless most comfortable stay, carpets offer a range of services for your house look like never. It requires some dedication. But nobody said it was plain sailing. You have a house magazine, you know. But our mission is to help you get it. So today let’s talk about one of key elements in any self-respecting decoration: textiles.

Posted on January 17, 2018 Carpet & Rugs

If finding right shades and is sometimes complicated, carpets deserve a separate chapter: same. We tell you everything you need to know to hit them brand new autumn and more textured than ever. Contemporary gray area rug not only dress soil, but transmit that feeling of warmth that both will want in a few days. But also are a great decorative element, for example, differentiates environments in same space as living room and dining room.

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There are basically two fundamental factors to consider when choosing a carpet: aesthetic-that means not only that you like it fits with decor- and room in which we will place it. Besides these two factors, there are a few requirements but are also important: a gray area rug has to be cozy, comfortable and above all very important: easy to clean! As for some tricks to keep them in good condition, try turning them go to change their direction, so that is not always wear same area. Ah! And if during summer have been saved and rolled, they may cost a little regain his form. Leave them a few days with weights at corners to ensure they return to their usual state. In addition, it will help to prevent falls if corners are bent.

Gray area rug color bring more brightness and widen space, so carpets in these tones are ideal for mini – story. If, however, you are lucky enough to have large rooms, bets on dark carpets. They will help to give warmth to space. Measures should be taken conscientiously before going on hunt for carpet. And size is usually one of most common mistakes, and there is nothing worse than a rickety carpet or protruding everywhere. These are steps you should keep in mind: if carpet is for living room, sofa legs have to step on carpet, and it must be smaller than chair so that it does not protrude. In dining room we are in opposite case. Chairs have to be within carpet even when move to get up. Ideally it protrudes approximately 60 cm each side of table.

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