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Teal area rug – decor teal blue accents is perfect way to add a touch of drama to your room. A mixture of blue and green, bluish green evokes natural elements of sea and sky and creates a strong feeling, but calming decor. You can add teal blue accents easily with details such as cushions, artwork and other decorative accessories. Teal liven up a room decorated in neutral shades of brown or gray colors or complement other cold like green, blue and purple.

Posted on October 20, 2017 Carpet & Rugs

8 x 10 teal area rug can provide a striking accent on your floor, giving life to whole room. Artworks frame with wooden frames plastic or painted in teal. Seascapes, landscapes and birds are subjects particularly well suited to a bluish green frame. Images that have touches of teal and other blue shades will look better. Curtains in teal, or in a neutral color with bluish green trim or patterns, are another way to bring color to your walls and windows.

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Area rug floor is look dramatic. If that’s too much of this vibrant color, look for a rug that has a pattern containing blue-green in smaller amounts mixed with neutral brown, cream or gray. An oriental carpet goes well with traditional decor, wooden braided rug is at home with a rustic style and a carpet with abstract or geometric designs will complement modern decor scheme. You can also carry an accent color with large cushions on floor in slammer. These are perfect for extra seating or lounging while watching TV.

A sofa in a neutral color will transform any plain dressed up with a shot of bluish green. Look teal cushions in textured fabrics like velvet, satin, a furry plush or material or wool fabric. Details like sequins, embroidery or braided trim and tassels add to look, or use pillows in neutral colors with a blue-green trim. Mix a vibrant blue-green blanket throw on back of couch to snuggle on cold nights. Teal area rug lends itself to many decorative accents around your room. Lamps with a bluish-green base or screen all eyes bring to table screen. Look for plants in pots a solid or teal print. Candles in blue-green add romantic glow when lit at night. Collectibles such as vases, statues, decorative plates or bowls can add touches of bright color. A collection of ceramic birds or carved wood is a good way to add small shots of bluish green. Look for a figure of teal, duck so that color is called.

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