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Victorian wallpaper – While we may think of a Victorian room “crowded” or “busy”, the Victorians were believers in the adage: “If you have it, flaunt it.” This meant that every photograph, every painting, every decorative gift, every pipe, pipe racks, throwing, occasional chair, occasional tables and occasional pillow appeared for all the world to see. Whether you decorate your home for your own enjoyment or as a museum house, decorate the Victorian way can be as posh as you please or find a balance between the historically correct and modern tastes.

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Victorian wallpaper was divided into three parts, a wood panel at the bottom of the wall, a frieze top and a field in the middle. You can approximate the three-part wall without using wooden strips using wallpaper that mimics the wainscoting, homespun and fields. A wall decorating product of the Victorian era that still exists today as Lincrusta-Walton. Lincrusta is a heavily embossed material like lightweight linoleum.  You can use Lincrusta to replace any part of the wall.

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To re-create how victorian wallpaper hung artwork, hang pictures on above eye level in a single row around the room, using decorative cords and hooks. Traditionally hooks placed on a slide rail, just below the frieze. The easiest way to achieve decorative ceilings is with wallpaper. Choose from the many decorative wallpaper available, some reproductions of previous wallpaper, other interpretations based on graphic designs popular in the Victorian era. Some roofing paper is part of the “sets” of wallpaper that includes paper for wainscoting, fields and frieze. You can replicate a roof of metal using Lincrusta, painted to look like metal.

Not only Victorian wallpaperpossibly formal drapes that reach the floor be in order for the parlor and dining rooms. Originally materials include silk, damask, satin and velvet in the grand home of the time, but most homes use wool for windows in its public rooms and library. Draperies began to fall out of favor in the 1880s, and shorter curtains, as today, began to appear in all the rooms. Grids used in window and door openings in the Victorian era, especially for darker rooms. The grids were placed on top of a window frame with curtain below. The balloon-back chairs were not the only furniture in the lounge, although this style is the epitome of what most consider being Victorian. What we think of as fine antiques today was nothing but hand furniture in the Victorian period.

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